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Bearded Dragons

"Fusion" by B & K Bearded Dragons is located in the suburb of Hoppers Crossing in Melbourne's West and we freight Central Bearded Dragons all across Australia(airport to airport for pick up) except for Tasmania & Western Australia as prohibited by law.


Our dragons are raised with the highest care. Once our dragons reach 2-3 weeks of age our dragons are usually housed individually so there is minimal chance of the hatchlings harming each other. Each individual hatchling enclosure has its own heat lamp and a shared T5 UVB10 tube. Babies are fed a mixture of live insects and vegetables offered daily. We pride ourselves on providing the healthiest bearded dragons across Australia.

Please spend the time to read our websites pages as there is everything you need to know when it comes to raising and housing a Central Bearded Dragon, especially our care sheet which you can access by the button below. It's also worth coming back from time to time as we are always looking for new and exciting content to add.

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