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Bearded Dragons


Bearded dragons can be easily sexed, and some with a more experience eye can even sex them right out of the egg. It is important to understand the gender of your bearded dragon to help rule out certain behaviours as adults. Females can lay infertile eggs even without having been in any contact with a male.

Sexing By Their Tails

You can sex them by lifting up their tails. Placing a finger or thumb on the base of the tail and applying gentle pressure may help in sexing younger dragons.

Look to the base of the tail for slight bumps.

Males will have two bulges parallel to each other at the base of the tail.
Females will have one large bulge in the middle of the tail.

B & K Bearded Dragons
B & K Bearded Dragons

Sexing Them Using A Torch

Similarly they can be sexed by using a torch. Using a bright led torch is the best tool to do so. Please do not use any candles, or other hazardous tools that may burn your dragon.

Lift your dragons tail up and place the torch against the back, and at the base of their tail. Look to see if there are dark lines or spots in their tail.

Male dragons will have two dark lines or long ovals parallel in their tails. These are the male’s hemipenes.
Female dragons will have either a lack of any shadow in the tail, or a small dark buldge at the bottom. The important part to note is the lack of any dark lines.

B & K Bearded Dragons
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